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June 18, 2022

6 Different Types of Burgers That You Must Try in 2023

Are you trying to mix up your diet in the new year? You’re tired of always ordering the same thing wherever you go? Well, maybe it’s time to start having burgers more often.

Burgers can be the perfect meal any time of the season. No matter what you’re doing, a perfectly-made cheeseburger can improve your day. 

And, unlike what many people believe, it’s not the only way to have a patty-bun combination

There are many types of burgers out there, but we’ve prepared the best ones for you. If you’re interested in knowing the best options for you to try this year, you should keep reading this article or check out the Burgermeister menu

We’ve prepared a list that will take you through the world of burgers and showcase the best of the best. Check it out below and see which recipe you prefer.

Classic Burger (Beef Burger)

It doesn’t get much better than this. 

Most people consider the classic burger their perfection. They believe that good things shouldn’t be messed with, and, in this case, the logic is hard to argue.

The secret to a good classic burger should always be in the meat. First, you need to have fresh ingredients. If the meat isn’t fresh, all other preparations are for nothing.

Then, make sure to get the correct fat ratio. Find the signature 80-20 beef blend and start making patties. Using sirloin is always recommended when making a beef burger. 

Then, you have to think about the condiments. What makes a classic?

Usually, that would be some lettuce, tomato, and onions. We’ll let you decide on the pickles and the temperature. Our advice is medium rare and a whole bunch of pickles!

The classic burger is always going to be attractive. However, maybe it’s time to try something new? Our list has veggie burgers and a mushroom burger on the list. They might be just as good, but only if you give them a shot.

Keep reading and see what makes these types of burgers just as great as the beef ones.


Burgers and Fries

Many would consider the cheeseburger just a variation of the classic beef burger. However, we believe it should get the praise it deserves.

A cheeseburger can be quite different than a classic.

Yes, the basic principles are usually the same. The cheeseburger is traditionally made with beef and served with the same condiments as the classic. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options to it.

First, there are many types of cheeses out there. Making burgers with American is just as accepted as Swiss or Cheddar. So that’s the first thing you have to keep an eye on. 

Pairing a high-quality slice of cheese can taste amazing alongside a mushroom burger. Then, a cheeseburger can have a plant-based patty. Who says you can’t mix and match?

And, of course, don’t let us forget about those over-the-top cheeseburgers with melting cheese all over the place. Nowadays, you can see burgers dipped in cheese, patties with cheese sticks, and many other options. Maybe this year, you should try something out of the ordinary, like a cheese-dipped burger.

Veggie Burgers

Though they still might get a few people riled up, veggie burgers are legit! Some people just can’t get over the fact that their burger isn’t beef and will never be OK with alternatives. But you shouldn’t be one of them.

If you’ve never had a veggie burger, now is your opportunity to give them a shot. But don’t blame us if you get hooked.

Veggie burgers can be a great, healthy replacement for people that need to avoid high-fat diets. But, it’s crucial to pick the right ones. There are veggie patties with as many calories as the real thing, with large portions of oil. Make sure you skip those and only opt for the high-quality veggie options.

If you visit a decent burger place, ask what their veggie patties are made of and if the server recommends it, give the veggie burger a shot.

Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers made from breast meat are the perfect healthy alternative to a regular beef burger. Turkey breast meat is lean, high in protein, low in calories, and tastes pretty amazing. It doesn’t seem like a bad option, right?

On the other hand, turkey burgers that use all parts of the bird may not be as appealing. The flavor and caloric values will be slightly different, and you won’t enjoy it as the real thing. 

So, the first thing to know about turkey burgers is always to check if they are breast meat-only.

Turkey burgers are a valuable asset if you’re on a diet, trying to lose weight or gain muscle. Many people buy ground turkey breast at the supermarket and make their own patties at home, ensuring they only get the best ingredients. 

It’s hard to find a better protein source than lean turkey meat, so if you’re preparing your body for the warmer months – turkey is the way to go.

Mushroom Burgers

Mushroom Burger

If you’re trying to skip the meat, getting into mushroom burgers will be the way to do it. It’s hard to go from juicy beef patties to something that doesn’t taste nearly as good. However, with portobello mushroom burgers, you won’t have to deal with that.

This type of mushroom has quite a meaty texture. Most beef eaters are surprised by the texture and flavor a mushroom burger can have when made correctly and with the right ingredients. 

For example, portobello mushrooms have a robust flavor you don’t need to cover in spices. They won’t give you one of those non-meat patties that taste like nothing and never want to try again.

This thing tastes fantastic and is healthy for you at the same time.

If you’re looking out for calories, there is one thing you should pay attention to when ordering a mushroom burger. Many of these recipes include melted cheese on top of the pattie.

So, those focusing on the weight loss more than the flavor, maybe skip the cheese. Or, enjoy it, but have a workout afterward.

Elk Burgers

For all the meat lovers reading this blog, this one is for you. Nothing comes close to elk burgers if red meat is your favorite thing to consume.

It has more protein and less fat than the beef burger but tastes nothing like a “healthy option.” It even has fewer calories compared to the classic.

Elk meat has an abundance of flavor, and describing it wouldn’t give it any justice. So, if you ever get a chance to try an elk pattie, go ahead. It’s likely going to taste amazing!

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