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April 25, 2023

8 Mistakes You Make While Cooking Burgers

There are many ways to cook a burger. Unfortunately, some of them are wrong.

Whether you’re making a quick meal for yourself or hosting a cookout for the entire family, you should be familiar with the ins and outs of the grilling craft. You don’t want to look like a fool come burger grill time, that’s for sure.

If you aren’t too sure of your knowledge, here’s a quick reminder of the mistakes you might be making.

This article will review the most common mishaps that may occur next time you wish to flip a patty. 

From being afraid of serving raw burgers to simple corrections like making proper burger seasoning – there is plenty to go over.

So wait no more and start making corrections. Or, come to Burgermeister and check out the biggest burgers in Miami.

Wrong Burger Temperature

Most people think of burger temperature as how they wish their patty to be once it’s cooked. However, the temperature of the meat before it touches the grill is just as important.

You wouldn’t believe some people dare throw a frozen patty straight into the heat. And all that just to save some time. Though their task may give them what they seek, that is one of the wrong ways to cook a burger.

Before placing raw burgers on the grill, let the meat reach room temperature. That way, you’ll be able to get the recognizable charring on the outside while keeping the meat red and juicy on the inside.

Of course, remember the other meaning of burger temperature, and ensure you’re giving the people what they ordered. This will take practice, but after a few cookouts, you’ll be serving medium-rare patties without even checking the burger grill time.

Overmixed Meat

Man Mix Beef Mince by Hand

This one happens often. Beginners feel like they are doing the right thing when mixing the meat. However, doing this for too long only makes the patty chewy and less tasty.

Salt makes ground meat release myosin which makes the mix too dense after more extended mixing. Find a large bowl, put all the ground meat you prepared inside, add the burger seasoning, and lightly mix. That will be enough to do the trick.

Not Heating the Grill Enough

You get it; temperature is crucial to whatever you do in the kitchen. The same goes come burger grill time.

So, before placing raw burgers on the grill, make sure it’s hot enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a pan, flat top, or an outside grill with charcoal. It should be hot before touching the meat.

Working with thinner patties will allow you to experiment with high temperatures and see how much caramelization you prefer. If you’re making smashed burgers, feel free to turn up the heat on your flat top.

It will give you crispy results recognizable for this type of sandwich. And it tastes unbelievable. Of all the ways to cook a burger, smashed are a favorite in our minds.

Uneven Patties

If you’re making multiple burgers simultaneously, try to be precise with the patties. Making patties that weigh and look alike will allow you to synchronize their cooking times and follow the recipe more easily.

You don’t want one burger to look like a meatball and the one right beside it more like a smashed patty. Plan ahead and think about the temperatures of your grill and how they will affect the shape after a few minutes.

Create a dimple in the middle of the meat using your thumb to ensure the juices don’t ruin the shape you created. These little things are a factor in the final product, which is supposed to be as flavorful as possible.

Too Many Toppings

Topping a burger with cheese is many people’s favorite. We can understand why. Who doesn’t like the melting miracle that makes our patties taste so magical? 

Of course, adding a sauce and some lettuce is also acceptable. But some people get carried away. They get lost trying to enhance the flavor and end up with a completely different creation.

The toppings are there to help the patty, not overcrowd the sandwich and make it into something it’s not. So, next time you’re making additions to your burger, try to resist. Less is more if you’re working with high-quality ingredients. The meat will have enough flavor to carry the burger.

Choosing the Wrong Meat Blend

Of course, the type of meat you choose for your patty will play a huge factor in the burger’s flavor. Our advice is to find a butcher that’s willing to work with you and help you create the perfect blend.

Then, create a mix of:

  • 40% ground chuck
  • 25% ground brisket
  • 20% ground (fattier) short rib
  • 15% ground sirloin

Keep in mind that this is our preference. You may be a fan of a fattier mix or something with a more springy texture. Or, ask the butcher what’s their favorite burger mix.

If you don’t have access to a butcher and have to rely on packed ground beef, we suggest chuck over sirloin.

Not a Burger Bun

Nowadays, you can use anything as a burger bun. Of course, people that have dietary restrictions must improvise and adapt to their conditions. But if you’re using bread as a burger bun, be sure it’s the right one.

No, day-old toast isn’t good enough for a burger. 

Not all bread is equal and won’t give the favorite flavor you’re looking for in a burger. Instead, try finding or making fresh brioche buns. They are a fan favorite and a staple of American burger-making. 

Leave the bun halves on the grill for a short time to ensure they don’t get soggy from the sauce and the juices. That way, you’ll be one step closer to the perfect burger.

The Wrong Thickness of the Patties

Woman Making Hamburger Patties at Wooden Table Closeup

The thickness of the patties is just as important as having the right seasoning. By the way, you need nothing except salt and pepper and a dash of pepper flakes. But let’s get into the forming of the meat.

First, you need to decide which type of burgers you’re making. If you aren’t going for smashed patties, you should create a piece large enough to handle moderate heat. It should be capable of cooking evenly on the outside without burning on the outside. 

3/4 inch is one of the standards for making classic burgers. Start with this size and see if it’s giving you the results you’re hoping to get. Then, implement the changes to make the burgers perfect for your taste.

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