Bacon Cheese Burger With Beef Patty Tomato Onion

December 21, 2022

Beef and Bacon Burger – Prepare This Epic Burger in No Time!

You know the old saying – simply everything will taste better with bacon. And this is especially true in the case of burgers! If you’ve had a bacon-wrapped burger, then you know that the juicy and full flavor of the meat makes an excellent pair with the crunchy and tasty bacon. 

While, definitely not a vegan option, a good bacon burger should be a staple in every burger lover’s every now and then. 

The problem is many people seem to find the beef and bacon burger recipe a bit challenging. If that’s the case with you, we’re here to tell you that making a bacon burger might seem a bit difficult at first, but all in all, it’s not rocket science. 

That said, below, you’ll find our tips and tricks to make the perfect bacon burger. On the other hand, if you can’t wait and need your burger fix now, feel free to visit our Burger bar in Brickell and South Beach, FL, after reading this article.

Handmade Burger Patties – What Makes the Best Cut? 

Theoretically, you can make great handmade burger patties with basically any type of store-bought ground beef and add in the bacon later. Still, if you want to get the most out of this recipe, you should opt for local meat sources and focus on grass-fed, free-range, and finished beef. On the one hand, these are much more ethical and humane choices than buying factory farmed, and they may also be healthier. 

For starters, grass-fed sources are often cleaner, leaner, and higher in essential fatty acids and other crucial nutrients when compared to factory-farmed beef. Lastly, if you opt to make your bacon burger from local sources, you will also be supporting the economy in your local area, which is never a bad thing. 

When talking about bacon, we recommend choosing local sources as well. Still, nothing can stop you from making your bacon-wrapped burger with a store-bought brand if you have a personal favorite. So, it’s entirely up to you – just make sure that it’s a tasty option. 

Bacon and Beef – A Match Made in Heaven

Burger With Bacon Meat Tomato and Lettuce on Wooden Background

You might have used bread crumbs and eggs in the past when you were making your handmade burger patties with leaner meats. When there’s less fat in your burger meat, this can be a great substitute to make it appear juicier, but most experts will agree that this isn’t the way to go. 

When making the juiciest and tastiest handmade burger patty, you should consider using 80/20 ground beef to get that perfect blend of meatiness and juiciness. 

OR, you can stick to healthier super-lean ground beef and substitute the natural fattiness of the meat by either adding bacon strips to the mix or chopped bacon. Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make a bacon weave and end up with amazing bacon-wrapped burgers that don’t only look the part but taste the part as well. 

Exploring the Best Burger Ideas for Beef and Bacon

Below, we’ll discuss the possible routes you can take on your beef and bacon burger journey.

Grounding them Together

On that end, you’ll find that adding the chopped bacon to the beef and spice mixture might be the best way to add juiciness and fattiness to lean options. Some may recommend getting a home beef grinder and grinding the bacon and the beef together to get a uniform bacon and beef mince. This will make the taste and the texture more consistent, which some prefer.

After making the mince, add your spices, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, etc., and mix them with your hands. When done, you can make the handmade patties with your hand or even use a round cookie cutter to make uniform and perfectly round patties. 

Adding The Bacon on Top

This is the “classic” layout of a bacon burger – form the burger patties, throw them on the grill, cook your bacon strips, and when both are done, assemble them together with your choice of condiments and veggies. 

Bacon-Wrapped Burgers

If you want to go for the real deal, you can also wrap your handmade burger patties into a bacon weave and enjoy the ultimate beef bacon burger variation. Still, this might need a bit of preparation to execute properly, but once you get the hang of it, it will be like a walk in the park.

The make the bacon weave, simply use a damp paper towel and cover it with parchment paper to moisten your work surface. Then, lay down your bacon slices in tight parallel rows horizontally. 

Then, start your weave in the center by folding back all the even-numbered strips. Now, lay an additional bacon slice perpendicular on top of the folded slices and unfold the even-numbered slices over the perpendicular strip. After this, simply fold the odd-numbered slices back, lay down a second strip perpendicularly to the first slice, and unfold all of the odd-numbered slices over it. Now, just keep weaving those strips by folding and unfolding the even and odd slices alternatively.  

This might sound more difficult than it really is, so feel free to watch a few how-to videos to get a better idea about the technique.

When you’re done, just grab your already seasoned burger patties, put them on the bacon weave, fold them up, secure the bacon if needed, and throw them on the grill until they’re ready.

For an extra kick, you can also add cheddar cheese to the patty, cover the cheese slice up with minced meat, and then wrap it in bacon. 

Freeze Ahead!

No matter which bacon burger ideas you opt for, you can always make more patties and freeze them for future occasions. If you want to do this, just grab your parchment paper, cut it up into small squares, and use them as layers between your patties to avoid sticking them together. Then, grab the stack, put it in a freezer bag, and squeeze all the air out. 

While this might decrease the freshness of your homemade patties, using them this way will allow you to stack up on your favorite burgers when you have the time and prepare them quickly after a busy day if you want to enjoy a good, tasty burger.

Assembling Your Bacon Burger

Tasty Grilled Home Made Burger With Beef Tomato Cheese Bacon and Lettuce on a Light Stone Background With Copy Space

When the patties are done, you’ll need to assemble the burger with your choice of toppings and condiments. Also, you can always use store-bought options or a homemade recipe for the buns. 

Basically, it’s up to you how you assemble your burger. Still, going with the classics such as iceberg lettuce, burger sauce, caramelized onions, a few slices of American cheese, and tomato will make for an unforgettable burger that will cause your mouth to water every time it pops into your mind.

Enjoy the Best Burgers in Town

This recipe is great for any occasion: a summer barbecue, camping, backyard birthdays, and pretty much every other event that you want to crown with a tasty and juicy burger. 

And now, you know how to make a fantastic burger. And if you don’t want to mess around with recipes and preparations at the moment, feel free to Contact Burgermeister now to enjoy a juicy burger! 

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