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March 25, 2022

Different Types Of Wine That Complement The Taste Of Burgers

Burgers and wine may not be the first pair that comes to mind when talking about food and drink pairings. In fact, many people wouldn’t try this combination at all. 

However, that may be a mistake. 

There are many types of wine out there, and some of them can support the flavor of meat and turn the meal into a better experience. That’s why it’s crucial to try different wines, pair them with all sorts of food and see what fits your palate.

Some of the most popular white wines can suit a burger perfectly if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, most people don’t.

That’s why we’re here to help. We’ll show you how the flavor of wine can make your burger tastier and which types of red wine are the best option for your next patty meal

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Pairing the Perfect Burger With Different Types of Wine

Burger Placed on a Table Next to Glass of Red Wine and Fries

Some would call it a classic. Others think it should be called “plain.” But in our minds, there is only one perfect burger. It’s the one we’ve all seen so many times. All you need is a beef patty, some lettuce, a tomato slice, maybe an onion slice, and a bun. And, voila! You got yourself the perfect burger.

Luckily, many types of red wine go well with it, so pairing it with a drink won’t be that difficult. And, you’ll find a surprising item on this list of different wines to try with Mister Perfect. Who knew a sweet sparkling vino could pair with a beef patty? Guess you’ll have to give it a try and let us know.

Check out this list and see how the flavor of wine can complement the perfect burger.

  • Spanish Garnacha AKA Grenache

Grenache is a variety of red grapes that can mostly be found in France, Spain, and the US. The grape itself is pretty versatile. This contributed to Grenache being so widely spread around the world. 

This type of grape mostly goes into wine blends, but pairing a Garnacha wine with a burger will be no mistake.

  • Lambrusco Amabile 

Who thought a sparkling wine could find its way to this list. Well, this sweet and sparkling one did, and for a reason.

Give it a shot and see why people prefer it over coke when ordering a burger. 

  • Cannonau di Sardegna

As we said, many types of red wine come from the Grenache grape. Well, Cannonau di Sardegna is also one of them. However, this vino comes from the Italian island of Sardinia.

These bottles have a smokey and pleasant flavor of wine that other drinks can’t give. And they are excellent when sampled with beef burgers.

  • Ruby Port on the Rocks

It’s only fair that we mention one red wine cocktail as well. Try Ruby on the rocks and see if it makes your burger experience more enjoyable.

No worries, this isn’t a drink that requires a lot of preparation. In fact, there are only two ingredients. You’ll need port wine, some ice, and a rocks glass. Garnish the cocktail with a mint leaf and give it a shot.

  • Simple Sangria

If you want to go a bit further into the makings of different types of wine cocktails, then Sangria is the logical next move. It’s beloved by all and not that difficult to make. 

Grab a few oranges and some red wine, and start mixing. 

Of course, a high-quality Red Sangria recipe isn’t that straightforward. You’ll need some other ingredients and have some work to do. But, with a bit of prep, you won’t have trouble making it.

Which Types of Wine Pair Well With Veggie Burgers?

Pairing beef and veggie burgers can’t work the same way. You might be surprised, but some of the most popular white wines go perfectly with a plant-based patty. 

Most veggie burgers are a mix of vegetables, grains, and legumes. They’re made this way to imitate the texture of meat. However, they aren’t the reason pairing wine with veggie burgers will be more difficult. No, the real reason lies in the fat content of the patty.

Since veggie burgers are pretty lean, there won’t be much fat to smooth out the wine and complement the drink. This makes wines with medium tannins the best option. They can complement the earthy flavor plant-based patties have.

So as we said, probably the most popular white wine, Chardonnay, goes great with a veggie burger. And, it won’t make the combination too acidic.

Creamier versions of Chardonnay that originate from regions like California and Australia will make your vegetarian burger taste significantly more satisfying.

There are red types of wine, like Tempranillo, that add body and texture to the meal. They are known for having spicy characteristics. So, don’t be surprised to feel a bit of pepper, coffee, or cocoa in your drink. And they’ll go just right with a spicy burger without overpowering it.

Pairing Wine With Turkey and Chicken Burgers

Chicken Burger With Wine on a Table

Though beef burgers are the most dominant and popular version of the meal, those with poultry meat can put up a decent fight. Many meat-eaters decide on a turkey or a chicken burger instead of beef to cut out a few calories. 

Of course, this is because their meat has less fat than beef. However, if you find the right wine to pair these healthy burgers with, they can be just as tasty as the fatty ones. Luckily, we’ll show you how to do that.

The secret to finding the right wine to have with a low-fat burger is going with something light-bodied. That way, the wine can stand up to the bold flavors burger toppings may have. And, by choosing a wine that isn’t too delicate (but still light-bodied), you still won’t overpower the patty.

In our opinion, wines like Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir are just right for a poultry patty burger.

Chenin blanc is a white wine that comes from the Loire Valley of France. This region produces bottles known for a rich mouthfeel, lemon notes, and aromatic flowers. Hints of herbs and wet wool are also a characteristic of these wines.

They bring out the herbs most poultry patties are seasoned with, like rosemary and thyme. And they contrast a cheesy burger perfectly.

On the other hand, Pinot Noir is so versatile that it goes well with most meats. It has low tannins and a body that is just light enough not to flatten the patty flavor.

Many enjoy pairing this wine with sautéed mushrooms or something smoky like bacon. But no worries, they’ll work just right with the turkey and the chicken.

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And, we’ll explain which wine to sample and pair with the burger. So wait no more, and grab dinner with us today!

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