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April 18, 2022

Easy Dipping Sauce Recipes for French Fries

French fries are one of the menu items that everyone loves. How often do you meet someone that doesn’t enjoy fries as a side dish or even the main course? And why would you, when these thin golden potato pieces taste so delicious.

Dipping fries into a unique french fry sauce takes the whole experience to a different level. This is the proper way to enjoy french fries. And we’ll help you do that at home by showing you the best dipping sauces we know. 

We’re not going to waste your time explaining how to make french fries. You should know that by now.

Instead, we’ll show you the secret recipes that aren’t that easy to find, and explain how to prepare, store, and consume popular sauces and dips.

So, wait no more and start reading about the best dipping sauces. Or, if you want to try the best french fries in Miami, visit Burgermeister restaurant and give our menu a shot.

The Famous Fry Sauce

French Fries in Basket With Sauce Dipping

You’ve most likely had this french fry sauce if you’re from Utah. It’s pretty popular in restaurants and fast food places in this area, and now you’ll be able to make it yourself.

Dipping fries isn’t the only way to enjoy this sauce mixture. It tastes just as well with wraps and burgers. So, if you need a replacement for the plain burger sauce you get from the store, try replacing it with fry sauce, one of the most popular sauces and dips.

The recipe is simple but full of flavor, so nothing stops you from making this french fry sauce for any occasion.

Check out the ingredients before you start dipping fries in this tasty mixture!


  • Mayo

It’s the base of this dipping sauce. That said, you can use mayonnaise variations if you prefer.

  • Worcestershire Sauce

It adds so much flavor to the sauce.

  • Ketchup

You need it to add the sweetness and bring the red color notes to the finished batch.

  • Pickle Brine

Essentially, this is pickle juice. Mix water and vinegar and add it to the sauce to bring out the tangy taste.

  • Cayenne

Cayenne gives this sauce some heat.

  • Paprika

It adds more color, taste, and a bit of heat.


The title says it all. These are the best dipping sauces, but they are quite easy to make. So, the instructions will always be minimal.

With this one, all you need to do is mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl. Once you combine everything into a sauce, the recipe will be completed.

And there you go, you’ve made your first batch of fry sauce. You can serve it with fries, burgers, or whatever else you like.


The original recipe is so popular for a reason. But, people love modifying good things to make them better. 

If you’re one of them and think there are possible ways to improve this sauce, check out some of the most popular variations.

  • Mayo

Real mayo will bring the right texture to the sauce. Trust us, you want to experience the richness and thickness of real mayo in the original recipe.

However, if you prefer miracle whip or vegan mayo, you can give that a shot. You won’t be the first person to enjoy fry sauce this way.

  • Heat

Some people always want the sauce to be hotter. If you’re one of them, you know what to do.

Add more cayenne, tabasco, or red pepper flakes to increase the heat level. You know hot sauce and french fries are a good match, so why would it be any different with this mixture.

  • Spices

Adding original spices to the mix is the best way to give fry sauce a twist. We gave it a shot, and some herbs definitely work better than others.

Black pepper and garlic powder gave us the tastiest results. If you’re into garlic, this will be a spectacle of flavor.

  • Juices

Pickle juice may not be for everyone. Many popular sauces and dips use apple cider vinegar or lemon juice instead.

Try those options and see if they bring out the tanginess better than pickle juice.

Semi-hot Fry Sauce

Sweet Potato Fries With Mayo and Ketchup Homemade Roasted in the Oven

Once again, the recipe itself won’t take more than five minutes to prepare. The ingredients are the key to making this sauce.

Check them out and start making your new favorite french fry sauce.


The recipe is already gluten-free, and if you wish to make it vegan, just substitute the mayo.

  • Ketchup

The base of this sauce is half mayo, half ketchup. Choose your favorite brand, and you’ll enjoy the sauce better.

Don’t get one that’s too sweet. You don’t want your fries to feel like dessert.

  • Mayo

It’s the other half of the foundation. Once again, choose your favorite kind and proceed with making the sauce.

You can improvise with low fat, miracle whip, and so on, but that’s not something we would recommend.

  • Dill Pickle Relish

Most sauces are a smooth mix of ingredients. However, this one has chunks of pickles inside. It will remind you of some other popular sauces.

If this isn’t something you prefer, try switching to sweet pickle relish or skipping this ingredient altogether.

Although, with no pickle relish, this will be very similar to the original fry sauce recipe.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

You don’t want too much tanginess with this type of fry sauce. So, try sticking with apple cider vinegar and not reaching for other options.

They might change the flavor too much, which we’re trying to avoid.

Yellow mustard has a flavor recognizable to most foodies. It works pretty well when combined with the rest of the ingredients, making it perfect for this recipe.

If you don’t like the taste of plain yellow mustard, try substituting it with a different type.

  • Hot Sauce

How can you call this a hot fry sauce without any ingredients that add heat? The answer? You can’t.

That’s why you must implement some hot sauce into the mix. Our choice is Frank’s Red Hot, but feel free to go with your favorite.

You’ve made it correctly as long as your fries taste hot after dipping them into the sauce.


Just mix everything into a small bowl and serve it to your friends. They will be so amazed by the flavor that they’ll never assume it took you two minutes to make this.

Storage Tips

Any type of fry sauce should be stored in the fridge. This one can hold for at least a week if properly contained. 

So make sure the bowl is sealed and the fridge is working. Stir the sauce, and it will be ready for consumption.

Have Burger and Fries at Burgermeister

Making these sauces isn’t that difficult. However, making french fries and preparing burgers takes more time. If you’re not feeling like spending the day in the kitchen, visit Burgermeister.

We’re proud to have the best burgers and fries in Miami.

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