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August 25, 2022

How Long to Grill Burgers? Ultimate Guide on Temperature and Doneness

Burgers are a meal loved by all. However, the temperature dilemma is what will put many burgers to disagreement. What are your thoughts? How long to grill burgers? Are you a medium-rare burger kind of person, or is that not your cup of tea?

There are people out there appalled by seeing anyone cook and eat a well-done burger. On the other side, there are those who can’t stand seeing any red inside their meat. And, don’t even get them started on medium rare burgers and so on.

With many hamburger recipes out there, it’s hard to know which one is right and how to get the temperature you’re seeking. If you’d like to see how long to grill burgers for the tastiest results, keep reading. We’ll explain how things work when you put a patty on the grill and what your next steps should be.

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Choosing the Temperature

Before throwing the meat on the hot surface, you should know which temperature you’re trying to reach. To do that, you need to know how each of them looks and feels. 

In the text below, we explained the key features of each temperature. Make sure to memorize this, and you’ll already know the first step of burger making.

Rare Burgers

These have the most amount of red color. Naturally, that comes from spending the least amount of time on the grill. They’re seared on the outside but have a reddish center on the inside. Cutting the burger will produce more red juices. The patty will have a spongier texture than when cooked longer.

Medium-Rare Burgers

Some Patties of Ground Meat With a Flame in the Front on Cooking Grate

Medium-rare burgers are second to last when it comes to doneness. Their center is best described as having a juicy deep pink color with some red juices. The interior is soft, but the crust will be a bit thicker and golden brown.

Medium Burgers

Medium burgers are just like the name describes them – somewhere in the middle. They’re most people’s first choice, as it puts them in between the hardcore options.

Their center is light pink, and the interior is slightly soft. Also, as we increase the temperature, you’ll notice the patty shrink a bit. That’s due to the water and juices evaporating during the cooking. So, the more we cook the meat, the smaller your burger will be.

Medium-Well Burgers

Most casual burger eaters can’t notice the difference between medium and medium-well burgers. However, there is a slight difference. 

The texture is a bit firmer, the juices are more clear, and the center is less pink.

Well-Done Burgers

This is for the people that can’t stand juices and any redness in their meat. Well-done burgers will spend the most time in the heat, and they will look and taste that way.

This type of burger has the heaviest char on the outside and a completely brown inside. Also, the texture is quite firm.

Now, when you look at all the hamburger recipes online, you’ll know the terminology and can proceed with making your tasty beef patties.

How Long to Grill Burgers

Many factors have a role in determining the amount of time your burger should spend on the grill. Firstly, there’s the temperature you’re aiming to reach. A medium-well burger requires a lot more time than a rare one.

Then, not all grills have the same capabilities. The thickness of the patty is also important. And not all beef mixes have the same amount of fat, so they require different treatments.

But, before getting into any of that, you need to prep the grill. To do that, you should brush the grates and make sure they’re clean. There are many ways to do this, so pick the most convenient one and proceed to the next steps.

Now, you should oil the grill. That will allow you to put meat on top of the grates without worrying that it will stick. Most people use spraying oil to do this. Back in the day, cooks used everything from bacon to plain-ol’ pig fat to do this. 

Dipping a paper towel in oil and rubbing it across the grill with tongs is another very popular technique you can see in restaurants worldwide.

Now, you’re ready to bring the heat. Turn on the grill and set it to the highest temperature possible. Keep preheating until you can’t hold your hand above the grill for longer than a second or two.

If you’re using charcoal, you can start getting the patties ready once coals start forming ashes and you see the bright orange color underneath the grates.

Now, it’s time to put the meat on the grill and cook it to the wanted temperature.


Two and a half minutes on each side will be enough to cook a burger rare.


Three minutes a side are enough for a medium-rare burger.


Three and a half minutes will do if you’re trying to prepare a medium burger. Of course, on each side.


Medium-well burgers require four minutes a side on the hot grates of the grill.


Keep the patty in the heat for five minutes before making the flip if you’re aiming for a well-done burger.

Extra Tips by Burgermeister

Fresh Tasty Burger on Dark Background

Follow these tips if you’re trying to make the best burgers your friends have tried yet. The burger bar at Burgermeister keeps them in mind, and we have the best hamburgers in Florida.

  • Pick the right beef

Choosing beef can make or break your burger. Many overlook this part and simply get the most convenient ground beef mix they can get their hands on. That’s the biggest mistake you can make.

Try finding a mix with 20% fat. The package will say 80/20 if you’re buying in the supermarket. We advise finding a good local butcher you can trust. That way, you’ll know what you’re buying and have access to fresh meat all the time.

  • Thicker patties are made for lower temperatures.

If you prefer eating burgers at lower levels of doneness, we advise you make your patties at least 3/4 of an inch thick. Thinner patties are harder to keep under medium, so you’ll make the cooking simpler and get the burger you were hoping to eat.

  • Don’t forget to season

Forgetting to season your burgers is quite a beginner’s mistake. You should never do that if you wish to be the best cook in your friend group.

Instead, load up on herbs and spices and let your hand go. Don’t be afraid to improvise with pepper flakes, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and so on.

Using different spices can completely alter the overall taste, so allow yourself to experiment, and maybe you’ll discover a new favorite.

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