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January 25, 2022

How to Prepare the Best Burger

Grilling burgers is more than throwing a patty on the grill and serving it in a bun. Anybody can do that. It’s an art form that requires learning and practice. And only by doing it over and over again can you become a master at it.

However, learning the theory of the burger-making process is essential for beginner chefs. So, you’ve made the right choice by clicking on this blog.

We’ll explain how long to grill burgers, when to flip them, which temperature to grill burgers at, and so much more. We’ll even give you the instructions and our recipe for the best burger in South Beach

So keep reading, and you’ll be your family’s grill master in no time.

Prep the Grill

Naturally, when you want to start cooking, you make sure that your stove, pan, plate, and anything else you’re using are clean. The same goes for grilling burgers. The grill must be ready to go.

If it isn’t, here’s what you can do to get it there. 

Start by scrubbing the grates with a grill brush. This will remove any residue left over from your past barbecuing. Then, dip some paper towels in oil and rub the grates with it. Use tongs to hold the paper when the grill is too hot.

Get the Right Beef Mix

Ground Meat With Ingredients for Cooking on Black Background

It’s all about the lean beef to fat ratio when deciding on a beef mix to use for a burger. The most accessible mixture is usually ground chuck, whose balance is roughly 80/20. Luckily, these proportions are perfect for burgers.

Sirloin is a bit leaner with a ratio of 90/10. Some chefs prefer using it or mixing the two beef pieces to get a different blend. 

Think about if you prefer leaner pieces or something fatty, and decide on a mix most suitable for your taste. Our suggestion is to stick with ground chuck. It’s the easiest to find and possibly the most ideal for grilling burgers.

Keep It Cold

Your instincts may lead you to take the meat out of the fridge and let it rest on the counter before putting it on the grill. However, that is the wrong move.

Fat melts at room temperature, and with the warmth of your hands, it does so even more. If you put the beef on the grill immediately after making the patties, you’ll end up with dry burgers. So, to get the tastiest results, it’s best to keep the meat refrigerated for as long as you can.

Only take it out when it’s time to form the patties. And once the burgers are ready, put them back in the cold until it’s time for the grill.

Plan Out the Size

There’s one thing to keep in mind when forming the patties. The meat is going to shrink when you put it on the grill. That’s why it’s essential to plan for the shrinkage unless you want to end up with a patty too small for your bun.

Our advice is to make the patty, so it’s 1 inch wider than the bread. This way, you’ll end up with a perfect meat-to-bun ratio when the meat is cooked. When it comes to thickness, a 1-inch burger will satisfy even the pickiest of guests.


How to Prepare the Best Burger

  • Mix the meat

Put the meat inside a large bowl with room to mix. Add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl and fold the beef over. Do it only a few times, for less than a minute.

  • Form the patties

Since we got six buns, we’ll make the same amount of patties. Divide the meat into six meatballs of the same size and set them on a flat surface. You can use a tray, a cutting board, or whatever else is clean and flat, and you can fit in your fridge.

Put the meatballs on the tray with some space between them. There is supposed to be enough room so the patties won’t touch once you flatten the meat. Form the beef to be 1-inch thick, with sides taller than the center. We do this to stop the burger from shrinking too much and forming an indentation in the patty.

  • Heat the grill

The golden rule is that you should be able to keep your hand above the grill for only about a second. Once it’s that hot, you can start grilling burgers.

If you prefer being specific, the temperature to grill burgers should be at least 450 degrees F when you put the patties on the grates.

  • Grill the Patties

Once the grill is hot enough, you can start placing the patties on its grates. 

There is no specific answer on how long to grill burgers, so they are perfect. A patty perfectly cooked for our taste may be too dry for you.

We aren’t here to judge anybody’s preferences, so we’ll include the durations for all doneness levels.

How Long to Grill Burgers

Professional Cook Frying Beef Meat on Pan in Restaurant Kitchen

  • Rare burgers require 4 minutes total
  • Medium-rare burgers cook for 5 minutes
  • Medium burgers take 6-7 minutes
  • Well done burgers shouldn’t stay on the grill for more than 9 minutes

Everybody has their secret method when it comes to flipping the patties. The first step you must accomplish is to flip the burger at least once. Also, don’t press down the patties. That’s a rookie mistake.

  • Add the cheese and prepare the buns.

Put a slice of cheese on the patty once the meat is almost cooked, and it needs only one more minute on the grill. At the same time, set the (previously buttered) burger buns on the grill.

  • Let the burgers rest.

Don’t rush to eat your masterpiece right away. Let the burgers rest for a minute or two. Then they are ready to serve.

  • Finish and serve

The only thing left is to add the condiments and serve the burger. Since everybody has favorites, this is also a touchy subject. So, we’ll leave that decision to your preferences.

Grab a Burger With Us

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