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July 18, 2022

Top Burger Spots in the World (Outside the U.S)

Burgers are a food beloved by all. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll likely find a burger spot nearby and be able to enjoy an actual patty within minutes. 

However, not all burgers are equal. Some places only make thick, meaty patties. Others focus on smashed beef. And there are restaurants out there that only do vegan-friendly versions.

Luckily, we know all the best spots and where to find the best burger in the world. And that’s precisely what you’ll learn in this blog.

Keep reading if you enjoy amazing burgers and wish to know where to find them. 

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Bleecker Black Burger at Bleecker – London, UK

Let’s start with London! British food isn’t on top of many “must-try” lists, but this burger is surely worth tasting.

Bleecker restaurant is located in London but named after the owner’s favorite street in Manhattan. After trying something similar in New York, Zan Kaufman decided to leave everything, move to England, and start her own barbecue place.

This is where she started making this now famous hamburger, and the restaurant turned out to be quite a success. In fact, Bleecker Black was twice the best burger in the city of London.

This place has all the accolades of a top burger spot. So, if you need more recognition than our blog, you’ve got it. Give it a visit next time you’re in Great Britain, and let us know if the trip was worth it.

The Smokey Burger at Burger Liquor – Wellington, New Zealand

This blog won’t lead you to the most famous hamburger we could find. Everyone knows about those places, and there’s no need to form lists of burger spots everyone knows.

However, we will lead you to amazing burgers in restaurants you’ve never visited. Burger Liquor has gained a decent fanbase since its grand opening but isn’t known worldwide yet. We believe that “yet” is the key word in that sentence.

The owners’ goal was to create a top burger place where you don’t need to wait half an hour to get a drink and a well-prepared patty. We, and most other restaurant guests, believe they succeeded.

Your wait time won’t be anything to remember, but the sandwiches won’t leave your memory any time soon. The main event is usually The Smokey Burger, and if you’re trying just one, try their most famous hamburger.

Let’s start with the basics. The patty is A-grade, and the bun is Brioche. They come topped with free-range bacon. 

On top of it go two double-crumbed onion rings. Add a special Thai sauce and melted cheese, and you’ve got the best burger in the world in front of you. That is if you ask the people of Wellington, New Zealand.

The only thing left to do is pack your bags, head to Burger Liquor and try their amazing burger yourself.

Hamburger Foundation – Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland isn’t the first country that comes to mind when it comes to burgers. We believe the Swiss have the potential to change the perspective that most people have about their burger-making abilities.

They have a few things already working for them.

Firstly, the meat. Every chef will tell you that the quality of ingredients is the most important factor in your meal preparations. The same goes for making burgers. Your beef blend can make or break the entire construction. So, to make great hamburgers, you have to have high-quality meat. 

And the Swiss already have it!

Switzerland is known for cows on the mountainside. They spend their days eating grass, which results in tender meat – perfect for patties.

Next, the cheese.

We don’t need to inform you about cheese from this part of the world. It’s already quite famous. And the Swiss make some fantastic bread, too!

All in all, Switzerland has all the necessary ingredients to make some of the best burgers in the world. And Hamburger Foundation from Geneva does so!

The owners have spent a few years in the United States learning the art of making burgers, then moved home and used their knowledge and the high-quality ingredients their country offers to create some of the top sandwiches in the world.

See if our tastes match and try their burgers the next time you’re in Geneva.

BBI – Berlin, Germany

Beef or Pork Meat Barbecue Burgers for Hamburger Prepared Grilled on Bbq Fire Flame Grill

Germany may not be where burgers come from, but the name originates from this country. So, the Germans deserve to have a top burger spot on this list. And boy, do we have a restaurant for you.

BBI in Berlin is where you go if you wish to have a high-quality meal and you’re really hungry at the same time. And we mean, REALLY hungry.

This place serves some of the largest burgers we’ve ever seen while still keeping the recognizable quality. Most businesses don’t manage to do that, so their spot on this list is more than deserved.

At first glance, the patties may seem too thin for the whole composition, but this isn’t the case. You’ll still have abundant flavor and enjoy other ingredients along with the meat. BBI is known for its flavorful fillings and tasty greens inside the sandwich. Of course, bacon and cheese are no strangers, either.

The fries in this place aren’t half bad but may be a bit too much. Don’t get us wrong. We’re all for having fries with your burger, but their portions are too large to add anything. So, if you aren’t much of an eater, skip on the fries to avoid wasting food.

And the last word of advice before you visit Berlin is to use the utensils. These burgers are too big to eat with your hands, and if you don’t want everything to spill and have half of the sauce on your face, we recommend asking for a knife and fork.

Flippin’ Burgers – Stockholm, Sweden

The name itself should be enough to get you into this place. But, we’ll give you a few more reasons just in case.

The origin story of Flippin’ Burgers is somewhat similar to The Hamburger Foundation and its beginning. The owner noticed Sweden doesn’t have a proper burger spot and decided to take matters into his own hands. Then, moved to the States for a while to learn how to make burgers the American way. And, finally, came back to open one of the best burger restaurants in the country.

Jon Widegren’s idea of combining American preparation methods and Swedish ingredients worked. Now, Flippin’ Burgers is the premium burger location in the country.

Burgermeister – The Best Burger in Miami

If you don’t feel like leaving the USA to get a proper burger, visit Burgermeister in Miami. We have the best hamburgers Florida has to offer.

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