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November 9, 2022

Best Cheese for Burgers – The Ultimate Guide

Cheese is what makes a burger special. Yes, there are plain burgers out there, but adding a single slice of melted cheese on a burger can make all the difference in the world. 

This tiny change can greatly affect the flavor and make the entire experience more enjoyable. But what is the best cheese for burgers?

We know you’re used to having American or Cheddar on pretty much every burger you get. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Gouda burgers are actually a thing too! And who knew blue cheese burgers were a solid option? 

Don’t worry. So many other options are also worth trying. We’re here to give you more insight into all types of burgers with the best cheese additions. Finally, you’ll be able to tell which cheese you prefer on your patties.

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American Cheese

Let’s start with the familiar option first. For multiple reasons, you’ll find American cheese on most burgers across the States. 

The first among them – American cheese melts easily. 

We don’t enjoy that only in mac and cheese and similar dishes. As a rule, you must have melted cheese on a burger if you want it to get the highest grade. Luckily, American is the perfect option for that cause.

The flavor is quite mild, with a buttery taste, but nothing most Americans aren’t used to tasting.

The interesting part about this sort is that it technically shouldn’t be considered cheese but spread instead. It is still, however, made from real cheese. Colby and Cheddar are the most popular variants for the mix.

Though we can’t call it the best cheese for burgers, the American is a safe bet. Your guests will be able to make all types of burgers without the cheese dominating any flavors. If you have plenty of people visiting, this choice will surely be agreeable to most. 

But having something a bit stronger wouldn’t be a bad idea. Giving people the option to try a blue cheese burger is a different level of hosting.

Smoked Gouda

Smoked Gouda on a Cutting Board

Smoked gouda is a fan favorite for many reasons, but it’s just as tasty when used to make burgers. Yes, gouda burgers are a thing, and quite a flavorful one, in fact.

This cheese from the Netherlands is quite creamy and sweet, with a yellow color. It doesn’t melt as quickly as some other cheeses on this list, but it’s quite worth the wait when it does melt.

Its nutty caramel flavor mixes perfectly with burgers that include bacon and barbecue sauce. So if you’re a fan of those, try adding gouda to the mix.

However, if you’re throwing a party, gouda burgers are too much of a risk. You should allow people to try different types of burgers at a party, and gouda isn’t made to mix with everything.


Cheddar is surely one of the strong contenders to be the best cheese for burgers. It’s quite popular worldwide and primarily used for this purpose, so let’s see why.

This hard cheese has a nutty flavor, a crumbly texture, and ranges in color. But what makes it so great for burgers? 

Firstly, it melts easily and super quickly. And we all know that melted cheese on burgers is what we all seek. However, unlike American cheese, Cheddar brings some flavor to the mix.

It’s quite tangy, with some nutty sweetness, while being sharp at the same time. This mix is perfect for burgers because it complements the beef.

Going with Cheddar is a simple solution and a sure hit for anyone making burgers for the first time.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is easy to differentiate from the others because it has blue spots running through it. It can be made from goat, cow, or sheep’s milk but always has a sharp flavor.

If you’ve ever heard about it, you either love it or hate it. Everyone seems to be at the opposing ends of the spectrum but never in the middle. 

Those who love it should probably consider adding it to burgers. A Blue Cheese burger will blow your mind if you’ve never tried the combo before.

Its creamy texture will pair perfectly with firm burger patties, and the intense flavor complements the beef just the way we like it.

If strong flavors are your thing, make yourself a burger with bacon and blue cheese, and thank us later. 

Though it would be cool to include this type of cheese when throwing a burger party, it shouldn’t be your only option since some people don’t like it.

Monterey Jack

Some people prefer mixing burgers with sweet ingredients like pineapples or BBQ sauce. For them, we have a perfect cheese to match the rest of the recipe. 

Monterey Jack has some sweetness in its overall simple flavor, making it the perfect pair for this type of burger. It won’t disrupt the beef, but it works with the rest of the sweet ingredients to create an ideal balance.

Also, try adding balsamic vinegar and spinach to the ensemble and see if that suits your taste.


Swiss Cheese on a Board

Swiss cheese has a bolder taste than most of the options on this list. Its nuttiness goes perfectly with other intense flavors. You guessed it – bacon is first on the list. But also, consider onions, jalapenos, and similar ingredients when pairing with Swiss.

Emmental is also a form of Swiss cheese, and both go great with burgers. However, they have some differences. Emmental has a more buttery taste that not all people will enjoy with burgers.

Swiss cheese is famous for the holes in its body, and some people don’t enjoy missing a few spots on their patty. However, the holes give you all the motivation you need to put in an extra slice and cover the entire patty. 


We know that Mozzarella isn’t the first option that comes to mind when you think of cheeseburgers. But hear us out, and maybe you’ll give it a shot.

Yes, this type of cheese is mostly used for pasta, pizzas, and similar Italian dishes. But, somehow, it made its way into the most popular American barbecue specialty.

Mozzarella melts and brings a different, exciting texture to burgers you don’t get with regular cheeses. Try using it with fried chicken burgers to get the most out of its flavor.

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